Cool cooking

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Meat Ring with quail eggs


1 kg. of minced meat (pork, mutton, chicken or mixed, on your choice or choice of your fridge :))
250 g. of white bread
a bottle of milk
2 chicken eggs
20 quail eggs
1 bunch of parsley
1 large onion bulb
1 carrot
3 garlic cloves
2 table-spoon of sunflower-seed oil
Salt, pepper.
1 list of the prepared puff test (approximately 250 g.)

Let's go, shake-shake

1. Bread is broken on slices and is soaked in milk, slightly wring it out and add in force meat. While bread is soaked - we hard-boil all quail eggs. Clean and cut in blender a carrot, an onion bulb and garlic.

And fry on sunflower-seed oil

Give stuff to cool down and add it in force meat. In the meantime quail eggs are already cooked, pour them with cold water and shell them. parsley is cut in thick slices and together with both crude chicken eggs are sent in force meat. Salt, pepper.
And knead by hands.

The force meat is ready.
2. A sheet of parchment with the size equal with baking tray width is slightly greased by sunflower-seed oil and put the force meat in the form of a ring on it. On a ring quail eggs are spread, trying to allocate them in regular intervals.

Press them inside of force meat and level a surface

3. Unroll pastry on a table is sprinkled with flour and cut out bands from it, we stack them on a ring on identical distance from each other.

Cut out leafs of lengthened form from the stayed pastry

And stick them upon bands. We grease pastry and open sites of meat by crude chicken eggs vitelluses.

4. We put it bake in fire up to 200 C oven for 40 minutes. Cover a ring by a sheet of parchment - it prevent pastry from burn.

Also decorate on your taste.

Bon appetit!

Meat in French

A collage :)


Meat (at me pork, who does not like please use beef or kangaroo for example, no matter, but the pork is better here)
Potatoes - cut in slices
Onions - cut in rings
Cheese (grate it)
mayonnaise, sunflower oil
black pepper, red pepper, salt

Let's go shake-shake
Put the first meat layer(meat cut in pieces) on a frying pan is greased by sunflower oil.
Add salt
Add pepper
Add Onion layer

Add potatoes layer

And spread it with mayonnaise

Add Cheese layer
After cheese again repeat: a layer of meat :)
Well and so up to the top (at me all till two layers has left)

Then we put it into hot oven, yes, remember, the top layer on cheese is necessary to spread with mayonnaise for the cheese can burn.

After preparation add vegetables as garnish

Bon appetit!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chicken with pineapples


A pair of pigeon-chest
A jar of preserved pineapples
A jar of mushrooms
some salt and pepper
some greens

Let's go shake-shake

rub the pigeon-chests with salt and pepper, fry them on strong fire, from both parts to get crusted over.

chop mushrooms and put them in the frying pan to fried.

Add salt and pepper, shower greens, add some water and left to be stewed for 10-12 minutes.

Is it ready? Poke meat by fork its elastic mean ready, though by that who loves meet with blood to stew less time.

Spread on a plate, trim with pineapples... A pair of strokes and all is ready.

Bon appetit!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Boiled buckwheat

Boiled buckwheat with condiment from a butter, onion, dried white mushrooms and hard-boiled chopped eggs


Buckwheat and water must be in the ratio 1:2(on a glass of groats - 2 glasses of water).
The saucepan - is desirable thick-walled, with a good skintight cover.
To cook - on strong fire within 3-5 minutes until boiling, then lower half and cook 6-8 minutes approximately, then - on minimum fire and even 5-6 minutes.
Total - 15-20 minutes.
Still - during cooking DO NOT open cover(1 time is possible - to add onions).
And accordingly - DO NOT mix.

Let's go shake-shake

Eggs have hard-boiled beforehand.
Measure groats.

Dried white mushrooms - it is necessary to pound to put together with groats.
It may be necessary to cut mushrooms at first.

And then pound.

Preparing condiment - the frozen white mushrooms - in the frying pan with butter.

Fry it.
Add cut in pieces onions and field mushrooms.

And one cut egg

Let's turn to gruel

Put groats in a saucepan, add pound mushrooms and water (remember, more on volume twice?)
Make fire strong

Prepare residuary onions (by the way - if put it so - in the ready buckwheat it will not "felt" in general).
In the middle of gruel readiness каши (through 8-10 minutes) open a cover, add onions and close a cover.

mine piggies have stood too long.
It is necessary beforehand to warm up oven to leave gruel in to be "brew"
A slice of oil in them

Then a spoon of prepared condiment

Where is ours gruel? It is nearly ready!

Add butter, salt.
In common - it is already possible to eat … (just mix and give to stand of 5 minutes)
Or it is possible to put condiment in a saucepan, mix and in 5 minutes it is possible to eat

But i shall do otherwise - put our stuff in food pots.
Put stayed condiment on top, second largely cut egg, slice of a butter.

And put ours food pots in good reheat oven, the fire can at once be switched off
After 15-20 minutes - buckwheat is ready.

Bon appetit!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thick chicken soup


3 chicken legs or pigeon-chests
4 potatoes
4 table-spoon of butter
50g of wheat flour
1 tin of field mushroom
1 tin of maize
some salt and red pepper.

Let's go, shake-shake

1. boil meat and take it out from broth to cool down
2. melt down butter in a large saucepan, add flour and stir vigorously

3. while stirring, pour in the filtered chicken broth(from step 1) do it carefully and slowly. Continue stirring to prevent lumps until boiling begins.

4. In this time clean potatoes and cut them into little cubes. Put them into the saucepan and cooked of 15 minutes on slow fire.The soup must boil all this time.

5. While potatoes are cooked, cut chicken meat into small slices

6. The potatoes was welded, increase fire and put cut meat, mushrooms, maize.
Salt, pepper on your taste. Give begin to boil and cook 5 minutes.

Bon appetit!