Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Meat in French

A collage :)


Meat (at me pork, who does not like please use beef or kangaroo for example, no matter, but the pork is better here)
Potatoes - cut in slices
Onions - cut in rings
Cheese (grate it)
mayonnaise, sunflower oil
black pepper, red pepper, salt

Let's go shake-shake
Put the first meat layer(meat cut in pieces) on a frying pan is greased by sunflower oil.
Add salt
Add pepper
Add Onion layer

Add potatoes layer

And spread it with mayonnaise

Add Cheese layer
After cheese again repeat: a layer of meat :)
Well and so up to the top (at me all till two layers has left)

Then we put it into hot oven, yes, remember, the top layer on cheese is necessary to spread with mayonnaise for the cheese can burn.

After preparation add vegetables as garnish

Bon appetit!


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