Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's day cakes.

Required time:

a hour.


2.5 glasses of wheat flour
150 g. of butter(or margarine but butter take delicious effect ;) )
2 hen's eggs
4 table-spoon of sugar
1 tea-spoon of baking powder
strawberry or raspberry jam(use red raspberry jam)
2 heart-shaped forms for pastry cutting (a big and a less)
a pinch of salt.

Lets go, shake-shake.
1. Put flour, sugar, baking powder, salt,into basin and made pastry. Add eggs. Add butter cut in pieces. Use mixer to make your pastry homogeneous and knead it by hands a little. Put the pastry ball in plastic pouch and place it in fridge for a half an hour.

2. A half an hour has elapsed...
Roll out your pastry ball. The result flat is nearly 3mm thick and cut out big hearts.

3. Put hearts on griddle and place into oven (preset it's temperature in range 180-190 C ) for ten minutes, meanwhile preparing the same number of hearts cutting out their center by less heart form - borders for our hearts.

4. For now look at oven. Our "bases" are ready to proceed their way! Take them out.

5. You can smear borders with whipped cream (mix milk and an egg) and sprinkle them with nuts or pop-rice.
6. Place borders into oven for 10 minutes.

7. Put big jam-drop in the middle of each base.

8. And place prepared border on top

Bon appetit!