Sunday, February 18, 2007

Boiled buckwheat

Boiled buckwheat with condiment from a butter, onion, dried white mushrooms and hard-boiled chopped eggs


Buckwheat and water must be in the ratio 1:2(on a glass of groats - 2 glasses of water).
The saucepan - is desirable thick-walled, with a good skintight cover.
To cook - on strong fire within 3-5 minutes until boiling, then lower half and cook 6-8 minutes approximately, then - on minimum fire and even 5-6 minutes.
Total - 15-20 minutes.
Still - during cooking DO NOT open cover(1 time is possible - to add onions).
And accordingly - DO NOT mix.

Let's go shake-shake

Eggs have hard-boiled beforehand.
Measure groats.

Dried white mushrooms - it is necessary to pound to put together with groats.
It may be necessary to cut mushrooms at first.

And then pound.

Preparing condiment - the frozen white mushrooms - in the frying pan with butter.

Fry it.
Add cut in pieces onions and field mushrooms.

And one cut egg

Let's turn to gruel

Put groats in a saucepan, add pound mushrooms and water (remember, more on volume twice?)
Make fire strong

Prepare residuary onions (by the way - if put it so - in the ready buckwheat it will not "felt" in general).
In the middle of gruel readiness каши (through 8-10 minutes) open a cover, add onions and close a cover.

mine piggies have stood too long.
It is necessary beforehand to warm up oven to leave gruel in to be "brew"
A slice of oil in them

Then a spoon of prepared condiment

Where is ours gruel? It is nearly ready!

Add butter, salt.
In common - it is already possible to eat … (just mix and give to stand of 5 minutes)
Or it is possible to put condiment in a saucepan, mix and in 5 minutes it is possible to eat

But i shall do otherwise - put our stuff in food pots.
Put stayed condiment on top, second largely cut egg, slice of a butter.

And put ours food pots in good reheat oven, the fire can at once be switched off
After 15-20 minutes - buckwheat is ready.

Bon appetit!